Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The question isn't who is going to let me, it's who is going to stop me. ---Ayn Rand

Today was a great day for practicum teachers throughout the land. Namely, ME! In my last post, I discussed how my practicum partner and I were kind of in a rut for awhile with our cooperating teacher. Well, tomorrow, we are going to be teaching our first lesson, which was a last minute thing, so we kind of had to throw it together in a pinch. But still...TEACHING. Finally.

There is a student in our class whom my practicum partner and I felt was gifted, but we really didn't see our CT doing much with him. He is constantly finished before everyone else, and usually puts his head on his desk, rarely participating. He's new to the school too, so we felt like he probably wasn't getting a whole lot of social interaction. He's one of the only As in the class as well. My partner and I were wary to "step on our CT's toes" in this matter, but we finally pushed enough in our planning periods for our CT to take action. My brilliant partner had the students fill out a survey, where he indicated how bored he was with the class as well as his interests-including the mass amounts of reading he does. This morning, we relayed his survey to our CT and she pulled him out of class after he was finished with his test and asked him if he wanted to be in diff classes next semester, and he said yes.

Although I'm not entirely sure if our CT was going to take action from the beginning, I feel a major victory for this kid. And I have a growing list of books for him to read in the meantime. I'm geeking out making it for him at the moment. I hope he doesn't get scared of me in my excitement for him. :)

After today, I feel completely energized for the rest of the work we have for the semester. THIS is what we have been waiting to put in practice for all of our college careers. It's finally happening!

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  1. YAY! Good work, Miss Kurtenbach! I'm excited to hear about your lesson and all that. Good work noticing students, you made a real difference there.