Monday, September 6, 2010

Into the Unknown

Do one thing every day that scares you. ---Eleanor Roosevelt

Okay, Ms. Roosevelt. I'm not sure that I did anything today that scared me, but I'm sure tomorrow I will have had enough. I begin my practicum tomorrow.

I'm not really so sure what I am afraid of- it's not like I'm teaching tomorrow. I think the thing that I am afraid of is this moment of "this is it!" Since freshman year of college, I've thought about where I would end up doing practicum and student teaching, what kind of kids I would be teaching, what I would have kids call me, what I would wear, etc. (Trust me, I have lots of cute teacher clothes, so we are covered there). I feel underqualified. I feel like I am teaching my younger siblings or something, because really, I was just in their shoes a few years ago. Hopefully that makes me better for this reason.

Well, it is almost 11pm...almost past my bed time. I need to get used to this whole being responsible-not-pulling-all-nighters thing I'm so used to after three former years of college. You know what else I did today before I had to go to work? Homework. I've always been a night owl...and NOT morning person. Good thing I have a great coffeemaker and some deeelish coffee to look forward to tomorrow morning when the rooster crows!

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