Wednesday, January 12, 2011

voyage to improvement

The real voyage to discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ---Marcel Proust

I would like to omit the word "discovery" from the above quote and replace it with the word "improvement." I would also like to say that I think that improvement will lead to discovery if I let it.

I know what I am good at. Allow me to blow my own horn a little in a vehicle that I am the master of: List-making. I pride myself on that, as well as these few things:

1. I am good at planning, perhaps this is because I practically sleep with my planner.
2. I am good at delivery-I will always deliver on an assignment.
3. I am good at being early.
4. I am good at logistics/practicality- I will be able to look at the practical side of things to envision the potential bumps in the road.

However, for all the things that I am good at, I know that there are a few things that I want to focus on this semester. In "having new eyes", I want to think about how other people view me. I want to improve on some of my habits, so that I may discover better habits. Think of this not so much as a "new year's resolution" but as a professional development plan.

I need to work on...
1. NOT BEING FRAZZLED. If for some reason I am not on time, (or even late for being early, but still early) I tend to get frazzled. As a teacher, this is something I really need to work on. Students come in with questions. Traffic jams happen. Administrators or teams call meetings. If my plans have to change, I CAN'T let myself become frazzled. I see this is something that my cooperating teacher share to some extent, so for the past few days, we have been calming each other down. It's been wonderful.

2. Making my bed in the morning. Call me a slob, but some mornings, I just really can't get out of bed. Then I take my time. Then I rush out the door before I think about making my bed. I think that I should work on that.

3. Limiting my distractions. Facebook, Email, and Twitter have been the main source of procrastination lately. I'm considering eliminating my Facebook account, just so that I stop taking 5 miunte breaks every 15 minutes.

All right, that seems like it's a good start. Cheers.


  1. I feel Lauren that your first item on the list is an improvement I can make as well. Just remember it will all work itself out. Best of luck tomorrow!

  2. Great thoughts! That being frazzled one is really good to recognize and work on. I find that when I'm frazzled, my students feel that and get anxious as well. If I keep calm, so do they, and everyone is happier. :)